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Kuala Lumpur or in short KL is Malaysia’s beating heart. able domestic flights to other states in Malaysia. Klang Valley (Malay: Lembah Klang) is an area in Malaysia that is centered in Kuala Lumpur, and includes its adjoining cities and towns in the state of Selangor. A more recent alternative reference to this would be Greater Kuala Lumpur. The Klang Valley is geographically delineated by Titiwangsa Mountains to the north and east and the Strait of Malacca to the west. It extends to Rawang in the northwest, Semenyih in the southeast, and Klang and Port Klang in the southwest. The conurbation is the heartland of Malaysia's industry and commerce. As of 2012, the Klang Valley is home to roughly 7.9 million people. By 2020, the population is expected to hit 10 million due to urbanization.Given time, Klang Valley's population would reach to about 20 million by 2030.

Enjoy different piece of the world in the heart of Asia - Malaysia. Feel amazing contrast of beautiful nature, white-sand beaches and exotic islands of Langkawi, and Modern KL business city center with high modern skyscrapers and symbol of modern developed Malaysia - Petronas Twin towers. Dive into cities nightlife with local Asian cuisine. Walk in tropical jungles with beautiful waterfalls and tight mountain serpentine roads. Admire Cameron Highlands endless cascade fields of tea plantations. Visit Putrajaya Islamic religion cultural center and Batu caves ancient Indian temples. All from unique aerial perspective never seen before. Malaysia is a place you call, home.


    There are four types of real estate:

  • Residential real estate includes both new construction and resale homes. The most common category is single-family homes. There are also condominiums, co-ops, townhouses, duplexes, triple-deckers, quadplexes, high-value homes, multi-generational and vacation homes.
  • Commercial real estate includes shopping centers and strip malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels and offices. Apartment buildings are often considered commercial, even though they are used for residences. That's because they are owned to produce income.
  • Industrial real estate includes manufacturing buildings and property, as well as warehouses. The buildings can be used for research, production, storage, and distribution of goods. Some buildings that distribute goods are considered commercial real estate. The classification is important because the zoning, construction, and sales are handled differently.
  • Land includes vacant land, working farms, and ranches. The subcategories within vacant land include undeveloped, early development or reuse.

The words itself, "freehold" and "leasehold" have their own meanings.

Freehold property is the absolute property of the owner (on condition that the owner pays the quit rent). In other words, the owner has full ownership of the land and no claim can be made without the owner's consent.

Leasehold, is like a lease. Leasehold is the ownership status that the state government lends to the buyer for a fixed period of time (usually 99 years in Malaysia). When the ownership status expires, the land will belong to the state government again. It al depends on the goal of the buyer/investor.

When the deadline is over, all the owners can renew the lease, or wait until it is expired and re-apply. The bad news is that in both cases cost a lot of money.

In fact, almost all of the land in kuala lumpur and many places in petaling jaya have been developed, or are already owned by developers and are waiting to be developed (developers like freehold land)
So the only thing left for his buyer is leasehold land.
So is

Although the above explanation may seem like leasehold is property to be avoided, but the truth is the opposite.

In the long term, the value of land in urban areas will increase regardless of lease hold or freehold. Therefore, the notion that leasehold land should be avoided is incorrect. Only the owner needs to know how to handle leasehold land.

Location plays an important role in the purchase of leasehold land. As we know, buyers of leasehold land are usually not interested in owning the area (or inheriting it), but rather taking the highest profit possible from the purchase. that ownership to your child, leasehold is not the right choice.

For the wise, the purchase of leasehold land in a hot spot can increase the yield and capitalization rate. As the years go by, and the tenure of ownership decreases, it is important to consider selling the property higher than the purchase price

Please note:
- Leasehold land prices will start to decline if the annual balance is less than 50 years

- Leasehold land prices can be resold at prices higher than the purchase price, provided the location is hot

- Profitability of leasehold land ownership is the increase in price from the purchase period of the remaining 50 years only

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